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Deep Thoughts by bfsooner

Posted on: March 24, 2009 10:43 pm

So, I'm sitting at my desk watching The Biggest Loser and drinking a bottle of grape Gatorade.  I has led me to reflect on my love of Gatorade.  It is one of my favorite beverages.  My love of Gatorade goes back to the late 1980s when I was a little soccer player.  After practice or a game, there was always a cold bottle of Gatorade waiting for me in a cooler on the sidelines.  It was usually the lemon-lime flavor or orange.  These two flavors have withstood the test of time.  I still find myself reaching for the yellow or orange bottles when I go to get Gatorade after a run.  But I have also learned to love the other flavors as well.  During high school, my favorite flavor was watermelon.  I think I was attracted as much to the pinkness of the liquid as I was to the taste.  And I'm not just a loyalist to Gatorade.  I love Powerade too.  My favorite item off the menu as Sonic is a Powerade slush.  The blue Powerade is my favorite!  Although I haven't seen All Sport on the shelves in years...their fruit punch flavor was my favorite.  There have been some newcomers to the scene.  Accelerade is one.  It's an acquired taste.  The protein in it makes it have a thicker consistency.  I really haven't quite acquired the taste for it yet.  Cytomax is another.  It's acceptable.  I had it on the course at RNR San Antonio.  The absolute worst is Ultima!  Sugar-free sports drinks are just wrong!!!  Hello?!?!  We need sugar...we need the glycogen.  I don't recommend Ultima...gross...gross...gross.  Well, there are my thoughts on Gatorade and its companions.

Good luck to the Oklahoma Sooner women tonight.  Wish I could watch you play, but my cheap a$$ doesn't have The Deuce.  I'll check your scores in the morning.

'Night ya'll.

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Posted on: March 26, 2009 6:14 pm

Deep Thoughts by bfsooner

   BFS, Gatorade hands down is the best, always will be. Orange is my fav, although the grape one that you talk about is delicious aswell, however i had a bad experience with that flavor once. Bought it, shook it up nice, drank half in one big guzzle, then all i could taste was soap or something to taht effect, when i looked in the bottle there was long stringy white things floating around. Needless to say i was turned off the grape for a bit. Now Powerade makes a great Orange sports drink aswell, Solar Flare i believe they call it, thats tasty too. I even use powerade or gatorade for my vodka too!! enjoy! 


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Posted on: March 25, 2009 3:56 am

Deep Thoughts by bfsooner

Love both Gatorade and Powerade. A friend introduced me to the Powerade a few years back, and it does actually have a great taste to it. They say that it's better for you than Gatorade due to the low sodium level. But I always thought that's what the body needed when you sweated everything out from strenuous exercise. They always said you needed salt to replace the fluids that you lost, and salt just happens to be sodium chloride. Anyway, who knows.

Sooner women took care of business and it's on to OKC for the Sweet Sixteen. Boomer Sooner.





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